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Hello! Welcome to my Website. My name is John and I am the owner of Spruce: Caring for your Space. My main Service is Painting and Decorating and I have many years experience in this field. I have worked on many premises during my early days both in Residential and Commercial properties. Just to name a few: The Olympia in Kensington, - Earls Court, Kensington - Rolls Royce (White City), - Royal Properties, (Regents Park) - Austrian and the Irish Embassy, London - British Aerospace. 

Here at Spruce: Caring for your Space, our Property Cleaning Services are second to none, we are your one stop shop for all your Property Cleaning needs. All work I do will be finished to the very highest standards. I strive on making sure that we give our clients a top quality finish on each and every job we complete.

Services I offer include as follows:

●Painting (Interior&Exterior) ●Facility Support ●Gutter Cleaning ●Facia/Soffit Cleaning ●Power Washing ●Window Cleaning (Reach&Wash/Traditional) ●Car Park Cleaning/Tidy Service (Underground)

Coming Soon:

Driveway/Patio Cleaning ●Deck Cleaning ●Litter Pick Service (Commercial) ●Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning ●Oven Cleaning 

In recent times I learned the art of Window Cleaning & Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning. Tough work at the best of times. I have worked on some of the most well known 4 & 5 Star hotels in Dublin on a regular basis where high standards had to be achieved. I want to thank the lads from East Coast Cleaning for teaching me the ropes and educating me. "My body still hurts", thanks Raf.

I have recently decided to put everything together and start on my own business and offer some of these services to the wider community. I am now offering many more Property Cleaning Services. If it can be cleaned I can do it. Just get in touch and we will take it from there. I offer a high quality, trustworthy and reliable Service and I pay special attention to detail on each and every job I work on.

Please contact me (John) by calling or texting on 087 171 3599 , If you would like anymore information or would like to avail of any of my services. Alternatively you can get in touch with me by email sprucecaringforyourspace@gmail.com

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Spruce: Caring for your space

Spruce: Caring for your space

Spruce: Caring for your space

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Information on the Services I Offer:

Interior Painting - This can be a very cost effective way to transform the interior of your house to looking like new again, by using the right colours you can transform your whole house to look absolutely lovely at a very affordable cost to suit everyones budget.

Here at Spruce: Caring for your Space we will do all of your interior painting jobs you need done big or small, we will provide you with a top quality finish each and everytime. We can bring all your interior back to life by painting your walls, ceilings, doors, stairs, kitchen units, presses, skirting boards, window boards or any other interior painting you need done.

Exterior Painting - Are your exterior walls looking a little worse for wear on the outside of your home or is the paint work starting to peel? You don't need to worry there is a very easy solution where I will have the outside of your home looking beautiful, like brand new again.

I will firstly give your walls a powerwash so that I get rid of all the lose paint before I can re-apply the new paint, I can then start painting it with the same colour as before or if you have decided to change the colour, I can paint it with the new colour and have your house shining bright with colour in no time. I will cover all of your exterior painting including, House Walls, Garden Walls, Gates, Doors, Garages, Garden sheds, Window sills, you name it, I will paint it.

If you prefer, you can also get in touch with me through Facebook by pressing on the link below and sending me a DM, I will then get back to you as soon as possible to any enquiries you have about my services. 


Products & services

More information on the services I offer:

Property Cleaning - I provide a wide range of property cleaning and power washing services, helping to transform your outdoor spaces and greatly increase the kerb appeal of your home. Gutter cleaning, facia/Soffit cleaning, window cleaning, driveway cleaning, patio cleaning, car park cleaning and much more.

If you are looking for a top quality cleaning service to have your home or building looking like new again, then look no further then Spruce: Caring for your Space, I will have your property looking fantastic with a spick and span finish.

Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning - I provide the very best carpet and upholstery cleaning service. I make sure our customers get the most thorough deep cleaning service on the market. I understand that beautiful and serviceable carpets and upholstery are a substantial investment in any home. Nothing can beat that beautiful new luxurious look that a high quality carpet or sofa can give to a room. However, I know  that everyday use can take its toll. Eventually, all carpets and upholstery become dull and downtrodden with the build-up of dust and grit that no ordinary vacuum can reach. 

Oven Cleaning - Dirty ovens can be dangerous increasing the risk of having an oven fire. Rather than risk a hazard, it's time for a deep clean! Professional oven cleaning not only leaves your oven with a showroom standard finish but it often prolongs the oven's lifecycle as well, so if you want that oven looking like new again, then that's exactly what you will get with Spruce: Caring for your Space.

Call John on 087 171 3599 If you would like anymore information on any of my services or if you would like to book me for a free no obligation quote. You can also get in touch with me through my email address @ the link below:


Products & services

Reasons why you should get a professional to do the job:

At first glance, embarking on a DIY painting job may seem like a good idea, but finding the time or a poor result can leave many homeowners dissatisfied with their DIY decision.

So, before you head to the local hardware store, check out these 4 reasons why hiring a professional is often the better choice. If cost is also a factor in your decision process, then our 2022 Painting and Decorating Pricing Guide is a handy tool to help you plan and budget.

4 Reasons to Hire a Professional Painter & Decorator (instead of doing it yourself).

1. Speed:

An experienced and qualified painter and decorator will know how to get a job completed with care and skill. But their knowledge and experience make them best suited to get the job completed fast.

2. Knowledge:

Qualified painters and decorators know how and when to use the right tools, materials, and techniques for the job. They are also skilled in prepping surfaces, repairing walls and woodwork, including applying finishes like caulking – a flexible filler used to seal gaps around windows, doors etc.

3. Quality Finish:

When you hire a professional painter and decorator, you are paying for their experience and attention to detail. So, if quality and a long-lasting finish are what you want, then you won’t go wrong with hiring a professional.

4. No Stress:

Many people vastly underestimate how long a painting job will take. Taking time off work for your project or painting during your leisure time are DIY opportunity costs to be considered in your decision. Hiring a professional can ultimately save you time and hassle and is worth the investment.

Check out my Facebook Page for more information by pressing on the link below:


Products & services

Products & services

Products & services

Products & services

Products & services